World Wide Stereo’s Digital Profits Skyrocket
Orders Increase
Conversion Rate Increase
Increase in Revenue

Founded in 1979, WWS has thrived over the years thanks to its unmatched customer service, award-winning installations, and competitive pricing. However, despite decades of success and an unrivaled reputation in the consumer electronics industry, the company was struggling to profitably acquire new customers nationwide through digital advertising tactics.

In early 2020, Pareto PPC was recruited by the WWS marketing team to build a digital advertising strategy capable of generating equal parts growth and profit. By partnering with WWS’ finance team to develop viable digital advertising goals, strategically prioritizing WWS’ limited PPC budget on the best tactics and adding advanced retargeting tactics to WWS’ digital advertising portfolio, Pareto PPC was able to increase World Wide Stereo digital advertising revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS) by 43% and 118%, respectively. 

Finance-Backed Advertising Goals

During the first weeks of Pareto PPC & World Wide Stereo’s partnership, a considerable amount of time was spent on determining sales and profitably goals for our digital advertising campaigns. With Pareto PPC’s guidance, World Wide Stereo’s finance team analyzed their product contribution margins to determine viable sales and profitability goals for our advertising efforts. By determining these goals very early on, Pareto PPC was able to build a digital ad strategy that satisfied WWS’ finance team’s short-term (profit) and long-term (growth) objectives almost immediately. 

Strategic Budget Prioritization

Once the digital ad goals were set, Pareto PPC needed to develop a PPC marketing strategy that was able to simultaneously generate profit and sales growth. Pareto PPC’s strategic recommendation was ultimately to prioritize WWS’ limited digital advertising budget on low-funnel digital advertising tactics first, and then to invest their remaining budget into mid and top-of-funnel tactics second. This approach therefore ensured that WWS would maintain high profitability while also generating brand awareness and driving new, potential customers to their website. 

Advanced Retargeting

World Wide Stereo was experiencing a significant increase in organic search traffic from 2018 through 2020, most of which stemmed from the work of their SEO partner, SWeberMarketing. However, World Wide Stereo hadn’t yet figured out how to re-engage their burgeoning organic traffic through digital advertising. The Pareto PPC team consequently recommended deploying a combination of new static evergreen retargeting campaigns and dynamic product retargeting campaigns on both Google & Facebook’s advertising network. This combination of retargeting tactics was focused on moving prospective customers “further down the funnel” into the consideration and decision phases of the buyer journey, which basically just translated to getting potential buyers onto their product pages. In turn, WWS saw a 17,000% increase retargeting revenue over the course of 2020 vs. the previous year.

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